VALVEGOD was selected to appear on the DSL 2.0 Compilation. More information on

The lineup for the release is:

Fragment King
Kid Kryptic
Enlightened Mind
Abomidable Twitch
Will Spears

VALVEGOD also worked on remixing "Rastakon", a track for Lichtswitch for their upcoming release on Playskull Productions entitled "Greatest Klits". Will be released on CD and 12" vinyl in Spring 2004.

VALVEGOD worked with DJ Axi from Australia on a track called "Beast Machine" for an Australian DVD release called "Street Commodores". More info on this when it is officially released.

VALVEGOD has 2 tracks on the More Boom 4 Yo Zoom Compilation. More informnation on and Pandisc.

The Lineup for the release is:

1. Downshift - Bombzone
2. My ZX81 - Freakaboom
3. Zenscape - Flow
4. Astroglide - Bass Alien
5. Look Behind - Bass Over Babylon
6. The Web - Valvegod
7. Meth - Hipnotek
8. Species - Bass Alien
9. Nature Bass Planet - Food 4 Woofers
10. Dragon Master - Flow
11. Destination Dub - Bass Over Babylon
12. Contact - DJ Billy E
13. Worm - Valvegod
14. Way2Lo - Bluntmaster
15. Streamliner - DJ Billy E

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